Wipers Are Widening: Here’s Why That Matters


In the first half of this year, researchers saw a rising trend of wiper malware being deployed in parallel with the Russia-Ukraine war. However, those wipers haven’t stayed in one place – they’re emerging globally, which underscores the fact that cybercrime knows no borders. 

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Don’t Let Your Career Go the Way of Entertainment 720


In season four of the TV show “Parks and Recreation”, two of the characters founded a company named “Entertainment 720”.  There was a lot of hype and buzz around this new company, though no one seemed to be able to understand exactly what the company did. Not surprisingly, after rapidly chewing through all of its funding, “Entertainment 720” shut its doors.

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Offense Gets the Glory, but Defense Wins the Game


When it comes to cybercriminals, defense evasion remains the top tactic globally. In fact, it was the most employed tactic by malware developers in the past six months – and they’re often using system binary proxy execution to do so. Hiding malicious intentions is one of the most important actions for adversaries. Therefore, they are attempting to evade defenses by masking malicious intention and attempting to hide commands using a legitimate certificate.

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