Security Orchestration: Beware of the Hidden Financial Costs


Among the many improvements in cybersecurity technology and tools we’ve seen over the last few years, one of the most significant has been the inclusion of security automation and orchestration capabilities in solution categories beyond SOAR platforms. SIEM providers acquired stand-alone SOAR platforms, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions broadened to include automation and orchestration capabilities to accelerate threat detection and response.

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Lessons for Better Fraud Decision-Making


Have you ever stopped to think about how you go about deciding whether to try a new restaurant that you’ve never been to? Even if you don’t realize what you are doing, when you make this decision, you are likely collecting data around a number of different criteria, analyzing those data points, and then using that analysis to make a decision. Some of the criteria you evaluate might include:

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Malware’s Destruction Trajectory and How to Defeat It


Malware and targeted attacks on operating systems and firmware have become increasingly destructive in nature, and these more nefarious attack methods are rising in prevalence. And just to add insult to injury, there are more of them. Today’s attacks are hitting more often, and they are hitting harder.

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Facilitating Convergence of Physical Security and Cyber Security With Open Source Intelligence


The desire to merge aspects of physical and cyber security is nothing new, especially in maturing enterprises that are proactively extending their security capabilities. Since many aspects of physical security are connected to the internet, enterprises have started to build fusion centers that combine disciplines. By doing so, they are able to converge cyber and physical security, close gaps in coverage, and scale security to protect facilities and hundreds of thousands of employees.

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Digital Experience Monitoring: More Important Than Ever


With the shift to work-from-anywhere, many organizations have seen an increase in scale of remote work locations that their IT team must support. At the same time, users expect consistent and good quality experiences no matter where they are. Ultimately, users want their technology to work, and they don’t care what happens in the backend if they can reliably and consistently access the resources they need.

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Learn to Use This First: Four Fundamental Tactics to Protect Email Ecosystems


There is a great line in the movie Braveheart where Uncle Argyle says to young William, “First, learn to use this, then I’ll teach you to use this.” He is of course talking about William’s mind over his sword, but it is a prophetic statement when applied to email security. Too often organizations are entering into an email ecosystem they are not prepared to safely use. It is our responsibility as security professionals to help with this.

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