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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY provides services in information technology since 1995, acting on the whole national territory. The company specializes in providing services and products


The courses are taught at the customer and arranged to suit individual needs. On request you can be customized content or made courses on specific topics in security

ADVICE ON SECURITY is specializes in helping the customer in addressing security problems in the organizational, process and technology. The customer can make use of

Cyber security News

Congressmen Ask DOJ to Investigate Water Utility Hack, Warning It Could Happen Anywhere

Members of Congress asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate how foreign hackers breached a water authority near Pittsburgh, prompting…

Staples Confirms ‘Cybersecurity Risk’ Disrupting Online Stores

Office supply retail giant confirms security incident disrupted online orders, communications channels and customer service lines. The post Staples Confirms…

In Other News: Utilities Targeted by Hackers, Aerospace Attacks, Killnet Leader Unmasked

Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: Utilities in US and Europe targeted in attacks, aerospace hacks, and…

New ‘Turtle’ macOS Ransomware Analyzed

New Turtle macOS ransomware is not sophisticated but shows that cybercriminals continue to target Apple devices. The post New ‘Turtle’…

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