SECURITYIT  was founded in 1995 as Internet Service Provider operating in northern Italy. Over ten years the company has been growing, expanding its services, hosting in “housing” at its EDP premises different processing systems of companies and public bodies. Meanwhile  SECURITYIT  also covers reselling, networks as well as computing equipment installation and systematic customer support.

After the year 2000, when the issue of digital information security became a considerable problem,  SECURITYIT  modified their structure to provide specialised consulting services and solutions in the field of information security, among which the execution of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.  SECURITYIT  was one of the first companies in Italy to propose the content filtering solution on Internet traffic. Since 2007, activities in the security field have been extended to the provision of training services on information security and consulting services about “information security management system” (ISMS), based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. In 2011 SECURITYIT obtained the ISO9000 certification for the overall of corporate processes.

SECURITYIT S.r.l has been providing IT services since 1995, operating throughout the whole national territory. The company is specialised in services and products for IT security. Small and medium-sized companies within the industry and tertiary sector represent the customers  SECURITYIT  deals with, together also with banking groups, public bodies and large European companies.

In 2017 he obtained the ISO27001 certification and launches SECURITYIT, brand dedicated to the security of information systems.