Researchers: Wi-Fi Probe Requests Expose User Data


A group of academic researchers from the University of Hamburg in Germany has discovered that mobile devices leak identifying information about their owners via Wi-Fi probe requests.

Mobile devices use these probe requests to receive information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and establish connections to them when a probe response is received.

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Apple Blocked 1.6 Million Risky, Vulnerable Apps in 2021


Apple says its App Store fraud prevention mechanisms last year stopped potentially fraudulent transactions totaling roughly $1.5 billion.

Throughout 2021, the company prevented more than 3.3 million stolen credit cards from making purchases in the App Store, and banned nearly 600,000 accounts from ever transacting again.

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US, EU Sign Data Transfer Deal to Ease Privacy Concerns

The European Union and United States made a breakthrough in their yearslong battle over the privacy of data that flows across the Atlantic with a preliminary agreement Friday that paves the way for Europeans’ personal information to be stored in the U.S.

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